The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: Premis dan Ulasan

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: Premis dan Ulasan

Before talking much about The Map of Tiny Perfect Things , it is necessary to be informed about its roots first. In the realm of cinema, Groundhog Day is a breakthrough, successfully creating a story about a time loop that leads to the growth and development of a complex yet interesting character.

So, it’s no wonder that many films and television series episodes have followed in his footsteps. Take for example Edge of Tomorrow , Before I Fall , Happy Death Day , and Triangle also accommodates the time loop theme to tell a neat and connected storyline , while offering its own unique narrative.

As for The Map of Tiny Perfect Things itself, apart from Groundhog Day , there is no doubt that this film will be compared to Palm Springs (read its own review here ). However, it should be noted beforehand, this film has its own foundation, which is to offer a strong central connection and a satisfying story that involves the idea of ​​enjoying the smallest moments in life.

Every day, Mark ( Kyle Allen ) wakes up to find that he is having the same day over and over again. This causes him to memorize everything that other people will say and do that day, one of which is to approach a girl. Until one day, Mark met Margaret ( Kathryn Newton ). Margaret’s sudden presence managed to surprise Mark, who had felt that there would be no more surprises in his life. And, rightly guessed, Margaret had the same fate, life was caught in a loop .

Once Mark realizes that he and Margaret are the only ones realizing that the day is repeating itself, they come up with a plan to map out the perfect moments in their lives and begin looking for ways to escape the cycle. Can both of them get out of this time loop ?

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, whose script was self-developed from a short story by Lev Grossman, can be said to be a charismatic , young adultstyle presentation from Groundhog Day . There’s no problem praising her inspiration, one of the many pop culture references she makes. The characters complement each other and the film manages to develop their relationship through thoughtful conversation and a number of pleasant montages.

This film can also be considered successful in distinguishing itself from other time loop themed films , through its unique logic, memorable moments, and style that allows it to be different from similar films. One of the contributing factors is the slick chemistry that Allen and Newton can create, with their characters being able to collaborate on new things and grow even in situations that tend to be static, and make their relationship – be it a friendship or a gradual romance – to be trusted.

The final result of The Map of Tiny Perfect Thingsis a film that is both familiar and offers something completely unique. Which seems to remind us that what we know is often less than what is available to know, what we see is much less than the real picture, and that the best, and purest joys always come from the unexpected. Unpredictable as a surprise, but in an extraordinary way when beautiful things happen, and usually completely ignored. For Mark and Margaret, it was a gift that they had the opportunity to recapture all the things they had missed. Even though we don’t have that terrible luxury,

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video in this link starting February 14, 2021.

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